Wednesday, January 31, 2007

rainy days

cold and dreary is this day
the last two weeks have been this way

stuck inside, no sun is seen
it makes you feel down, ugly and mean

but without the rain to replenish the ground
no life would sustain on this earth so round

so give thanks for the rain
and be sure the sun will shine again

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Girl Full of Great Ideas

There is a gal I’ve met of late

Her resourcefulness is first rate.

Although her screen name is rather long

She touts an amazing song.

She is chock full of schemes

And fanciful childhood dreams.

She caters to the younger crowd

And when she thinks out loud

You can be sure that your day’s activity

Will be blessed by her inspiration and creativity.

Have you not guessed yet who I introduce?

Or have your brain powers deduced

That I present to you now

Someone who can show you how

To make your day swirl and spin

With Daily Enrichment Activities for Young Children

Saturday, January 13, 2007

birthday boy

tomorrow is his day
he has no more time for kid's play
he's growing up
no longer a young pup
his voice is deep
his thoughts are steep
dad hands him the key
and I stand outside to see
him pull the car in
and then I feel my chin
quiver with emotion
and I'm swallowed in an ocean
of feeling the loss of a child
seeing the transition none too mild
he is growing into manhood
and knowing that this too is good

Friday, January 5, 2007

foggy night

foggy nights are eerie, creepy
the fog rolls in as I get sleepy
you can't see the end of the road
and don't know what lies there not to behold
it makes you rush in to a safety zone
you don't want to be out there alone
quick turn on the light
and stand where all is bright
away from the fog I'll stay
and waken to bid a sunny day