Thursday, September 25, 2008

traffic buildup

the traffic has really gotten bad
and it seems to be driving folks mad

with traffic lights out
and so many folks about

it is like a mad house on the streets
and where every intersection meets

a four way stop is now in place
so it is little more than a snail's pace

getting there and back again
and we don't know when that will end

yes, we are all trying to be courteous drivers
and keep our wits about us as survivors

we will be happy when it all comes back online
which may not be until Thanksgiving time

Thursday, September 18, 2008

staying through the storm

we did not go
the wind did blow
we were frightened so
we tried to stay down low
everything we did safely stow
the hurricane seemed to be our foe
we have learned a lot and now we know
that even a Cat 2 storm can shake the status quo

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Ike is headed for the coast
and it looks like we will soon be host

to his power, fury and rage
and his landfall will make front page

we are trying to decide whether to stay or leave
the media tries to make us believe

that there is no way to safely stay
and if we do we will surely pay

but we have stayed before and may again
we just have to prepare and have a plan

which is what we will be working on today
and then we'll see if we go or stay

so we will hoard water and canned goods
just like we know we should

we'll board up the windows nice and tight
and pray we make it through tomorrow night

keep us in your thoughts and prayers
and we'll soon let you know how we fare

Thursday, September 4, 2008

tiny footprint

looking back in time
can be bittersweet

and looking ahead can
help make ends meet

knowing where you've been
and where you want to go

helps keep everything in perspective,
helps to keep an even flow

kids big and small can do the same
and often find such delight

in seeing how much they have grown
in brains, body and might

my son happened upon a tiny footprint
of his from so long ago

he had to compare where he was to see how much
room there had been to grow