Friday, October 24, 2008

upcoming weekend

the weekend's coming
as you know
and as usual
we are on the go
first we will help
with the upcoming play
we will be there
most of today
then tomorrow though
they canceled the tri
I'll do my workout
before the day goes by
then we are off to see
Nixon and Frost
in a staged debate show
and then from there
who knows where we will go

Saturday, October 18, 2008

our town

there are so many things
we don't know about
where we live

how did it get here,
how did it grow,
what did folks give

to help start it up
and to keep going
and ever since kept it growing?

the town today is nothing
more than an outgrowth of
what then was showing

seeing old buildings
and historical spots
can help instill

in us a sense of pride
and connection with those
who were here before

and seeing those names now
can tell us what was important
and mean even more

to what we do today
in our own town
and help to keep it

true to its roots,
flourishing, and filled
with community spirit

Monday, October 13, 2008

raising a kid or two

why is it so hard
to raise a kid or two

it seems that I feel like
a failure, no matter what I do

too hard, too soft, got to try
to make it balance out just right

can't let go just yet, but careful
not to hold on too tight

it seems as if just a blink has gone by
since they were so very small

and now one is at my shoulder
and the other has gotten too tall

and so they keep on growing
and I do the best I can

and hope and pray every single day
they grow into a balanced woman and man

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

each new day

the alarm goes off
before the sun is risen
and we begin to stir
looking at the new day's vision

what will it bring
what will it hold
is it another day like before
or will this one break the mold

each new day can be filled
with good and bad
it will see both
the happiness and the sad

but life is what you make it
as the saying goes
and just what the day holds
for you, only God above knows

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

after ike

there is still much to do
though the hurricane is through
and now the sky is blue
and there has been no rain for two
or more weeks. There are quite a few
projects going on that have grew
out of a need for things we once knew
as commonplace. Now the common view
is limbs, fences and shingles blown askew.
So as we clean and help others to
reclaim what they can or get something new
we see neighbors helping each other stay true
to the spirit we all knew
and know that we will all come through