Sunday, February 7, 2010

tour de hood

there is a new ride in town
well, not new, but new to me
I just found out how it goes down
and I can't believe what I see

the group cycles around
with all that's provided
from bikes they have found
to helmets and snacks supplied

they ride together to promote
friendship and good health
and in turn this causes all to note
a bounty not often seen as wealth

touring de hood causes barriers to break
between ages, races, abilities, even "class"
much can be gained causing us to make
new ideas, our old ones to surpass

Monday, February 1, 2010

nearly time to go

it's nearly time to go
I have yet to start my packing

time is short I know
guess I better get cracking

I did get a big bag to stow
no excuse now for slacking

why I have been so slow
to get busy keeps my brain sidetracking

I'll get it done no problem though
I better quit sitting here wisecracking