Saturday, June 30, 2007


sometimes a rhyme is just not there
sometimes it seems I just don't care
sometimes I want to pull my hair
sometimes life just ain't fair
sometimes I feel like a bear
sometimes I just don't dare
sometimes I do nothing but stare
sometimes I can't even get out of my chair
sometimes life can be a wear
sometimes don't we make a pair?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

North Cascades Learning Center

A family vacation
seems like the thing
to get this family
back in the swing
of laughing and playing,
of living and loving.

Up in the Cascades
we could go hiking
exploring, canoeing-
the adventure that
all this would bring
would pump this family
and re-tie the strings
that bind us together
and help our hearts sing
of the fun and love
that nature around us rings.

In the Cascade mountains
we need no other bling
than the jewels mother nature
makes so very striking.
The learning center teaches
about nature and earth loving
from exploring to composting and recycling.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

RedHead Rants

I love my blogging friends
and the link love that sharing sends.

I'd like to share one now with you
That you can probably relate to.

I know that I loved this poem at first sight
And knew that I had to share my sheer delight.

Blog hop on by to this new blog
Where you can give your brain a cyber jog

And read up on lots of fun stuff
It's a place full of a little more fluff

Than her business only review site.
Here you can simply delight

In her fun writing style
And perhaps even walk a mile

In her virtual shoes.
It is the Red Head side of Sapheyerblu's

Many sided self portrait
And this blogging sphere is her new found slate.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Review Back

Want more traffic
to your blog?

Want to raise page rank
to give your site a jog?

Needing a lift
for your web site;

raising it to
an all new height?

We all want our page
to be the very best,

we all want folks to see
we add fun, we add zest.

I've since learned
one of the best ways

to get more traffic
is to review a page both ways.

I review your blog
and you review mine

then the link love will
help both of our pages to shine

It's rather simple to do
and takes a little time

It helps fill the space up
and helps the traffic to climb.

If you want to help give your
blog a boost

sign up to review blogs
and both will be juiced.

Review Back is the place
bloggers can meet

to review like blogs
and take on this writing feat.

It helps both parties
to raise their status

and keep you from becoming
just another avis.

If you are looking
for a blog review swap

Sign up today
at the Review Back workshop.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Sirocco Restaraunt, Bangkok

I've never been
To a world-renowned
Place to eat.

But it looks to me
Like this place
Just can't be beat.

The atmosphere
looks very modern
and ultra-chic.

I know I'd love
to stay and eat,
or at least be given a little peek

At this stylish
eatery atop
the State Tower Dome.

I'd like to eat well
and then brag to all
my friends back home.

I'd show them the
pictures that would
make them all drool

and send them
the menu, you see
I'm no fool.

This place is among
the world's very best
places to consume

A wonderful
meal, a breath-taking view.
Such an exquisite lunchroom!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Venture Alliance Partners

Are you looking for a new strategy
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Your return will grow amply-
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Just leave the work simply
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They can guide you annually,
Even provide information daily.

You can utilize their online glossary
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The partners of this venture jointly
Share in the profits substantially,

And you can rest assuredly
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Their website informatively
Informs you how to invest boldly,

You will then abundantly
Share in the wealth globally.

Your investment will grow potentially
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This work is done dynamically
By the Venture Alliance Partners Company.

Thank you for reading this sponsered post.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Rhyme Dictionary

I want to rhyme
I sometimes find
That I'm short a line
And need a hint
To help my bent
To keep my rhyme
Stepping in time
I have found
An online playground
For rhyming words
That propels me forwards
With my little dittys
And keeps 'em pretty
An online Rhyming Dictionary
Has proved most necessary