Saturday, April 25, 2009

too much on my plate

it seems there is no
time to write
so that when it appears,
I have no thing to write

a mind trapped by life
life speeding by
at a rate too fast
to let out a cry

when I sit still
for just a moment
and try to focus
there is not even a hint

of what to put
upon the slate
I guess perhaps there's
too much on my plate

Thursday, April 16, 2009

trying to rhyme

in time
is sublime
in the right clime
if you have playtime
to spend in your downtime
it can even become a pastime
for those who work in the meantime
as for me, I will keep at it sometime
knowing it is not an all consuming crime
if I don't do it both daytime and nighttime

Thursday, April 9, 2009

camp lessons

camp time is upon us
once again

learning and growing is
the focus main

helping stretch the kids
and pushing just a bit

to help them grow and see
what they gain from it

the intensity and focus
is great

to see what they do with it
all becomes their fate

wanting so badly to teach
them all

and hoping it will help stay
them when they fall

providing them with answers
if they will but heed

and remember at a time when
it's their greatest need

Sunday, April 5, 2009

day by day

my life feels like
a roller coaster ride

one minute it's up
the next, I've capsized

when kids are growing up
and turmoil is a-brew

all I can do is to sit
and brood and stew

too much of this and
I think soon I shall bust

if it weren't for my gracious Lord
I think I'd as soon go back to dust

up and down, down and up
day after day after day

one day it will end and
in glorious bliss we can stay

will it ever come, can it be
soon enough I ask

just get me through today
and focus on this day's task