Monday, April 30, 2007


there is just something about camping
that makes everything all right
playing all day
star gazing at night

you are set out
with Mother Nature herself
you can visit trails
and lakes together or yourself

you can build a camp fire
and roast hot dogs galore
and of course don't forget
the gooey marshmellow s'mores

you can relax like
you can in no other setting
you can re-energize
which is what I am betting

so many of us need
in our busy day lives
we get caught up
and forget just how wise

it is to step back
and take a needed break
which you can do easily
camping by mountain or lake

Monday, April 23, 2007

Catch The Wave

If you are looking to make a buck
You need some skill and a little luck
But if you feel like you are stuck
And that things have run amok
That you are nothing but a sitting duck
It's time for you to get out of the muck

Look to your blog in this new day
It is a whole new way
To let you earn some pay
All you do is have your say
And the advertiser will then lay
A few bucks into your pay (pal account)

Just take a look at the op list
It is a job that just can't be missed
They tell you the guidlines and gist
It is as easy as being kissed
If your ad is accepted (not dissed)
You will be paid hand over fist

Ok, maybe not quite that amount
But enough to get you out of a pout
And sure enough it will begin to sprout
Into a small heaping mount
The more words you begin to spout
The more ads you will learn about

So head on over to the new Bloggerwave
Where you can learn to write a rave
And get paid simply to pave
The way for the advertiser's crave
And you will be on the way to save
A few extra bucks-that's my fave!

Thank you for reading this sponsered post.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cyber Tag

"Tag, You're it!"
can be heard quite a bit
in school yards and play grounds
the whole world round.

But there is a new tag game
to play, the rules are mostly the same-
You tag someone and then
they tag another. Women and men

have both joined in.
In this tag game we all win!
This game helps all our blogs
and gives each of us a log

of where we've been
and who we've seen,
then just link forward
and link one backward

to show who tagged you
and who you tagged too.
This drives traffic your way
and leaves a list of who all will play.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Free Ice Cream

"I scream
You scream
We all scream
For ice cream!"

What a chant
upon my ear
some of the most
refreshing words to hear.

What could be better,
what could top that?
How about a free
scoop of chocolate?!

What a day to
get free ice cream
today is the day
to fulfill that dream.

What shop you ask
could make such an offer?
Get over to the nearest
Ben & Jerry's you scoffer.

What this day brings
to you and to me
is a cold single scoop
that is totally free!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Writing in Rhyme

writing in rhyme every day
can really be an unusual way
to pass the time spent on line
making sure each one is just fine

rhyming words are such great fun
that may be why they are the first one
that kids play with when learning
to talk or read, ideas continue churning

they often just flow when we don't mean
for them to, they just come out to be seen
and heard often when we least expect
and then we hope the hearer will not reject

oft times we hear the quaintest verse
and just can't resist the poet's purse
even though small it pays
it is a fun way to pass the days

Monday, April 9, 2007

sleet in April

sleet in April I cannot believe
but that is just what we did receive
this last weekend was frozen rain
causing us to be too shocked to complain

sleet in April is such a quirk
I've never known it to even lurk
in the area of what we know as Spring
all that time has ever thought to bring

sleet in April is never one
it is almost either warm showers or sun
and that is a sign of more to come
over the summer and then some

sleet in April is something new
that I am sure we will talk about for a few
more Aprils yet to come
just where did the weird weather come from?

Thursday, April 5, 2007

cooking for camp

Another year rolls around
it's again time for camp
I get to help cook
and await the approval stamp

The menu is set
the groceries are bought
The time is approaching
when meals will be sought

by 200 folks ready to chow.
The menu is quick
and easy to boot
That is the key to staying so slick

In the kitchen
where all moves so fast
You gotta keep moving
To make each and every last

item on the menu
appear just right
for the campers to be willing
to even take that first bite.

It is easy to buy
when shopping in bulk
I now shop on line
and leave the hulk

of the work to Sam's Club
who now has click and pull
purchasing. So easy to use
that even an old fool

like me can use this option
when purchasing so much
that we just order
all the food, drinks and such.

They gather and load
while we check out the stuff.
Then we hit the road
and the going's not so tough.

Getting it all in the kitchen
and ready to cook
is only as simple as
following the menu in the book.

So in cooking for camp
my new best friend
has become the online
shopping, which has been a God send.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Fool's Day

the day of the fool
is here again
time for some fun
a laugh and a grin.

what is your favorite
prank to play
on some unsuspecting
soul this fool's day?

what is the best
joke you've ever played
on this day for pranks?
have you ever made

someone really fret
or worry that what
you had planned
was a sure fire bet?

if you have you
are not alone
there are many hoaxes
that have caused rue

and chaos that test
many folks.
you can read about
some of the best

and some of the worst of the fake
pranks from time out of mind
that have been recorded
for posterity sake