Sunday, April 29, 2012

sweet sixteen

sweet sixteen
yes you are
but all we hear
is you want a car

wish we could oblige
but you know what we say
it's much better for you to learn
to pay your own way

so while it's your day
and you wish upon a star
we say we love you dear-
one day you'll have a car

Thursday, April 5, 2012

off we go

off we go
once again
at times I wonder
will it ever end

I know one day
I will likely look back
and wish I were there
forgetting all the flak

but as for the here and now
I'm not so keen to go
but I will do it anyway
it's the right thing I know

home alarm systems

home is where the heart is
as well as it is our castle
but to feel safe there
shouldn't be a hassle

using home alarm systems
can give us peace of mind
and make us feel safer
in leaving our home behind

every man's home should
a refuge be
home alarm systems
should set our minds free

so go ahead, leave the house
no worries, no frets
the home alarms can help
alleviate regrets