Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I just took a look
and found out we have
another overdue book.

I don't mind paying a fine
when it's something we've
used, and I hate to malign

but I forgot all about it
and my daughter had left
it in her room for a bit

too long and never cracked
it open! It bugs me to death
and now I've got whacked

with paying up my bill-
honestly it's not that much
but still.....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a kid in trouble

a kid's in trouble-
maybe with the law

and I have to say
that I might have saw

that this could lead
to a place not so good

I could have stopped it
I know now I should

I have a bad feeling
down deep inside

I hope there's repentance
and I hope he's tried

to make amends
and do the right thing

and I have to say I
hope it will serve to bring

a sense of something
that he's learned

and in the future
he won't again get burned

I hope he'll listen
more closely now

to what we say
when saying how

we see a situation
and our ideas

on how to make it better
and prevent this nausea

that to the surface rises-
there is something to be said

for gut instinct on where
a situation could be led

I hope now that we can look ahead
and get past this depression,

with consequences, yes,
that will leave a lasting impression

Friday, February 13, 2009

get the boot

I had no idea
the vast array of
boots available to
the average Joe.

Of course I've heard
of work boots, safety boots
and even vegetarian boots,
don't you know.

But when it comes to
safety footwear
there are some that
cause quite a row.

You have chemical resistant,
metal free, rigger boots,
DeWalt, Foundry
and Composite Toe.

And there are more still
that I'd never heard of,
but some have got to
have them even though.

I saw equestrian of course,
then farmer's, gent's,
shepherd's, tug of war,
and World War I B5 also!

And all of these are
available at the last remaining
UK footwear manufacturer pro

Saturday, February 7, 2009

finding shoes

finding shoes
to help me cruise
can lead to the blues
or even blow a fuse
it won't be a snooze
if I pay my dues
I'm sure not to lose
must check the clues
to see just who's
got the best, I won't refuse
to wear the twos
that won't leave a bruise
and those are my views

Sunday, February 1, 2009

what kind of world

it scares me to think
what our kids are growing
up in

what kind of world
have we made and left
for them

it's so hard to believe
how far we have come
and then

how far we have strayed
and are creating, leaving filled
with mayhem

what will it be like
once they are grown
up enough

will they be able to
recognize what we
once had

or will it by then be
so far gone they'll call
our bluff

and we will finally pay
for all we visited upon them?
it's sad....