Monday, February 25, 2008


those children stuck
in Terezin

most were never heard
from again

it is such a sad
thought to think

it makes my throat tight
and my heart sink

Hitler said this was his gift
to the Jews

but now we know that was nothing
but a ruse

to fool the world
to make it seem

that things were better
we would never dream

of the reality they
had to endure

and of this one thing can
we ever be sure

will it never happen
this way again?

only we can choose to keep free
all men

Saturday, February 16, 2008

writing in rhyme

I never knew how to
make a rhyme

I thought it just came to you
in due time

but trying to write in verse
each post

has not been as easy as
I thought at first

there are times when I just
draw a blank

there are times when
the rhyme just stank

I read some advice from a
known poet

his says not to force a rhyme
but you know it

here I am writing again today
forcing a rhyme all of the way

Saturday, February 9, 2008

preparing for a triathlon

I have got to learn to swim-
and fast!

I've only got six weeks before
the blast

we are going to swim, bike
and run

we hope the day is full of
warm sun

we will take off together, but
I'm sure

they will leave me behind in
a blur

doing the tri together
seems fun

we'll see how we feel when
we're done!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

the year of the rat

chinese new year is
here again
the zodiac tells me it
is the year of the rat

so soon we will feast upon
the fish and the rice
and watch the dragon dance
and wish to grow fat

with all prosperity,
longevity and luck,
so we place the lucky signs
and the welcome mat

we bring our host oranges
and don't forget the red packs
for the little ones
who will ask "what's that?"

and soon we will tell them
the story of the big race
and how the cycle has brought
us back to the winner-the rat