Wednesday, December 26, 2007

a little bit of nothing

time to relax
unwind just a bit
time for quiet
and a little bit of nothing

time for a good workout
time for blogging
even a bit of television
and lots and lots of sluffing

it's time for me
and who ever else
just what I want to do
which is naught but dawdling

soon enough it will
be back to the grind
the daily routine
and all that does bring

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Time Christmas Rhyme

It's almost time
it's getting close
before we know it
we will get our dose

Of Christmas cheer
and all the joy
it brings to moms and dads
and every girl and boy

Time for fun and laughter
family, games and gifts
to give and get and
how our spirit lifts

To see the world come
together to embrace
love, joy, peace and good will
in each home and place

Perhaps one day we shall
see this become a reality
on each and every day through
the year-we can hope for this to be

Friday, December 14, 2007

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol
is a wonderful
holiday tradition

You can see this show
almost anywhere-as
it certainly gets done

You see early
that it is set
in Dickens' London

It has an excellent
story and lesson to learn
for anyone

And you will feel the
Christmas spirit as you watch-
even in rerun

You will find a joy
and spirit and be
filled with holiday fun

From first to finish
It is filled with
such a passion

Of reminding us to
think outside ourself
to those who have none

We all are filled
with happiness to
think that Ebeneezer won

And the ending is
inspiring, as Tim calls out
"God Bless Us Every One."

Friday, December 7, 2007

wrapping presents

tonight we are gonna rap-
I mean wrap-all the gifts
that we bought last week

tonight we are gonna try
to keep the surprises hidden
to bring the joy that we seek

when we give those
special gifts that we
chose, so please don't peek

for only someone who
wants to spoil the fun
would stoop to be such a geek

Saturday, December 1, 2007

it's time for shopping

it's time for shopping
that is true
and spending money
is making my hubby blue

but now I'm done
only small things left
for filling stockings-
soon he won't feel bereft

hopefully when the time
for giving is done
we will feel like
we have won

a prize, in that it's
all about giving
as we all know,
and how we go about living

so give those gifts
and don't bat an eye
til of course you get
the bill from the collection guy