Friday, June 27, 2008

off to camp

we're leaving for camp
for nearly a week
I know that it will be good
if the good we will seek

it will be a better place
than we've been in the past
anything is better than
where we were the year last

the drive is a bit further
but it will surely be worth it
to see the nice new campground
I think it will be a hit

so off we go,
we'll be back soon
but not before
the end of June

Sunday, June 22, 2008


spending the day
at the lake
was really great
and fun to take

a little break
from all the rush
and to partake
of the peace

that was brought about
by being together
despite the early morning pout
and the weather

did cooperate
for almost the whole day
instead of trying to wait
for the rain to go away

we just simply descended
to the depth below
we heard no thunder or we'd have ended
we're glad since we weren't ready to go

but when we did finally pack
up and leave
the wind and rain did smack
but we soon found reprieve

we drove through the storm
rather quickly we found
and we were glad to reach home
safe and sound

Monday, June 16, 2008

a little quiet

sitting here
at the end of the
frenzied day

with just a little
peace and quiet
at hand

I am not sure
just what or when
or how to say

that I do enjoy
just a little silence
I think you understand

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

at a loss

stuck in the store
due to the rain
I just kept putting more
in my basket again

I finally found
a packet of umbrellas
although I was told "no"
when I asked the first fella

if they sold them inside
but he must not have known
luckily there was a lady who did know
by her I was shown

so then I headed back home
to get out of the rain
but was not able to come
down the regular lane

that leads to my house
as it was flooded
and I think it was doused
because of the mudded

up areas created by
what is being called
progress by some
but only caused many to be stalled

there is so much that
is being affected
by those who wear the hat
of those who've been elected

to be in charge of our
fair city and it's
many changes that are
being implemented, and we have so little power

to put a brake on all the mess
that is created by the elite
and so we end up with the anger and the stress
and often feel defeat

when it comes to asking for
a slow down on the sweep
that is cruising by the hour
taking in all that dares to peep

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ice Breakers!

Want a way
to cool off
after a long day?

This coming Saturday
our church is
having a play day.

You can come and stay
or you can get your
treat and drive away

It doesn't matter either way
Just be sure to
come by that day

Snow cones are the fa-
vorite treat on
this Saturday

and the best thing I can say
is that you will not
even have to pay!