Tuesday, January 29, 2008


mountains one yard wide
lying atop my bed
keeping up with laundry
causes buzzing in my head

it is never finished
will I ever catch up?
as soon as one load's done
there's another pileup

it is never enough
no matter how often I run
the washer; I can never
truly say I'm done

one mound leads to another
they keep tossing more stuff in
and then it needs to be folded-
oh will it never end?

as for putting it all away-
it may or may not make it-
when it's time to get dressed,
they just take it from the basket

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

is it already time?

is it already time
for another little rhyme?
why did I create this hill to climb?
why didn't I do mime?
there is nothing sublime
about this little pastime
though I may have thought it onetime
to be a way to pass the meantime
as for now I think I will merely chime
to pass on the words that are prime;
I'll continue to use it in my downtime

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a swirl of ideas

a swirl of ideas
but nothing to say

I guess that it often
is just this way

inside my head
could be a book

a poem, even a song?,
I'll take a look

and see what I can grab
from the words floating through

and then when I'm done
perhaps I'll share them with you

Thursday, January 10, 2008

growing up

my kids have all grown up
or some days so it seems
and it won't be that long
til they fly off on open wings

there are times when I just
can't believe how they've grown
and when I see how they've handled
certain issues I'm blown

away by the fact that they
did it so well
and where did it come from
I just cannot tell

but I know that deep down inside
each of them resides the stuff
that will help them survive
when the going gets rough

and watching them change and
grow each passing day
is such bittersweet joy
I hardly know what to say

Friday, January 4, 2008

another year

another year is over
I can't believe it has passed
where did the time go?
it has all gone by so fast

I look around me to see
all that has changed in a wink
I can't comprehend how it
seems to have been over in a blink

I guess it's true
as the old saying goes
time really does pass faster
and this year it really shows

I guess that for now
I will have to be content
to think that time is passing
by-and I just wonder where it went