Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Disclosure Policy

well, wouldn't you know it
this blog too
has had no disclosure
it's whole life through

I think it's only right
I think it's only fair
to let you know that some of these posts
are paid for by a sponsor

that's right, I get paid to blog
and sometimes I do so here
but even when I am compensated
It won't only be a cheer

I'll only say what I believe
about the product, service or site
If possible I'll include what I don't
care for, or at least won't write

what I don't believe to be
some of the best it has to offer
so I'll stick to what I think
even when adding to my online coffer

there are some ads I just won't take
but there are many that I do
and so I just wanted to be sure
that before you read more, I had told you.

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