Saturday, April 26, 2008


standing in line
for each ride
has left our
family Disney-fied

we love the parks
and each attraction
they put on such a show
and provide satisfaction

each ride is a show
unto itself
they really go all out
to make sure it's top shelf

I think my favorite is
still Peter Pan
though I have to say
I do love Splash Mountain

there is so much to see
and so much to do
it seems that even spending
all day, you never get through

Sunday, April 20, 2008

burial ground of the dragon king

seeing the soldiers
lined up in their rows
protecting their king
who died long ago

the outer line
facing out toward the foe
shows just how far
this emperor would go

to protect himself
even in death
and built the 6000
hollow men to guard his dying breath

the hill filled
with mercury flowing rivers
he kept out trespassers
even today he delivers

his enemies a blow
keeping them from
removing his
supposedly immortal soul

Thursday, April 17, 2008

dead head

in my head-
thoughts are dead
I feel only the dread
of staring at a blank unfed
slate of white; unresponsive, unattended,
unyielding to the thoughts I've since led
to the stark page; All I sense is left unsaid
as it floats around the nameless space half-bred.
I'm floating here myself, I can do nothing but tread
the empty space of the unyielding page, an endless thread
which has left me dry as a turnip that has been pressed and bled
too many thoughts come to those who are established and well-read
but to those who are floundering, the words and page are left unwed.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

a mom's life

doing laundry
in the early hours
helping with project
picking flowers

fixing three meals
with snacks in between
making sure everyone
is washed and clean

teaching about math,
history and reading
making sure that
everyone is treating

each other the way
that they should
and making sure each is
doing the best he could

running up and down the road
in mom's taxi service-
back and forth through
traffic can make one nervous

doing all these things
may seem never ending
but one day all too soon
I know I will be fending

off tears of days gone by
remembering just how
quickly these days
did fly by

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

finishing the race

the race is over
it sure felt great
to finish so well
and to see my rate

the swim was murder
I could not wait
for it to end
that was the part I hate

next came the biking
which turned out to be
rather fun and I was pleased
that it was not too windy

last was the run
3.1 miles to be exact
I was thrilled when I crossed
the line, that's a fact