Thursday, March 27, 2008

rhyming for the name's sake

what will it take
for me to make
a rhyme that will shake,
that won't be fake,
that will awake
the blah-ness mistake?
since this has become a near fruitcake
of a blog, a real flake
job on the uptake,
is it time to remake
this blogging cornflake?
for me it's no heartbreak
to keep rhyming just for the name's sake

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Night on The Beach

a night on the beach
I must say
I thought was out of reach
for most of this day

but as time sped on
and we headed out
I had my chores done
and time now was about

getting to sit back
relax for a bit
to watch the kids slack
it's nice to sometimes sit

at the setting of the sun
and as the moon arose
we enjoyed the surf and fun
though in the water the kids froze

Friday, March 14, 2008

images of spring: a beginning poem

images of spring: a beginning poem

spring brings yards full of
sprinting the drops everywhere
springy green grass for young feet as
sprinters run through the yard light as a

**this is just a little experiment with beginning rhymes, which I have never played with before**

hunting knives

when it comes to hunting
I've never been
but I love to eat what has
been brought back again

so before our good friend
goes out for the next hunt
I gotta make sure to let
him in on the current

specials he can find
where he can save some dough
when he makes a purchase on some

new hunting knives, he'll find
just what he needs
to get the best deal
on his next hunting steel

and if he hurries quick
he will save 40%
on all hunting knives
and to help augment

the savings,he can get
another 5% off by using
by March 31 this spring!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

family play day

our day of play
is just what was

I am so glad that
we listened and

the call from within
which in my heart

it enabled family ties
to be re-established and

new ties together
new bonds to keep

within our mind's eye
and our memories

of which our lives
and memories will never be

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

play day

time just seems to get away
it seems there's not enough
to finish work,
much less play

so we have now planned a day
to shirk all work
leave it all behind
come what may

there comes a time we must say
take a break
it's much needed
from the work we stray

though we know there we cannot stay
we know that it will
keep us grounded
til the next play day