Monday, July 30, 2007

technorati claim

learning to be
a better blogger
is for me
like walking through a fogger
I don't really know
just what all to do
but as I learn and grow
from the blogging crew
I try to implement
each new bit of info
so here I quickly went
shot out like an arrow
and claimed this little ditty
on the best website
called Technorati
to put this blog in spotlight

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How We Celebrated Our Anniversary

we chose well it seems-
our cruise vacation
fulfilled all our dreams.

we did whatever we felt like doing
we slept, we ate, we swam,
we relaxed, our time together accruing

we loved just being together alone
which is something we miss
when we are living at home

we played, we learned, we expanded
our horizons, our waistlines, our minds;
and I have to say I loved it when he handed

me a red rose and a lovely card
to celebrate our wedding day
all those years ago, it isn't hard

to see why I'm still in love with him
and how I am glad we took the time
to refill our hearts up to the brim

Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Cruise

we finally decided
we'd take a cruise

and that we would
share that wonderful news

to all who would care
to hear, or my blog peruse

it wasn't really
so hard to choose

the price includes everything
except gambling and booze

which are two things
we abstain from, so nothing to lose

full buffets every day,
lounging by the pool, a late morning snooze

the fun, the relaxation
the beautiful views

seemed to simply add up
to an offer we can't refuse

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Upcoming Anniversary

I am dreaming of traveling near or far
Whether by boat, train, plane or car

It doesn't matter much to me
How we get there, I just want to be

With my husband by my side
As he's been for half my life

We will celebrate soon you see
Our twentieth wedding anniversary

So we are making plans to go
Somewhere special, as of yet we don't know

We've talked of cruises, beaches, city scapes too
We just can't think of exactly what to do

But we know that it will be a special day
No matter where we go or where we stay

This time together, alone!, no less
Will help to celebrate our wedded-ness

For lo these twenty long/short years
So for our day I shout three cheers

And where ever we choose to roam
I know that the best of these is with him at home