Tuesday, July 19, 2011

road trip

taking a road trip
can be fun

when you go with
the right someone

you can go anywhere
at anytime

and do anything
you can fine

coming home can be
another thing

when you wish you
could bring

that happy feeling you get
when away

and just wish it could
always stay

My Own Business

I have often wondered
if I could run a business
of my own

I never have done it or
even tried it, so I
really haven't known

just what I would do
or how I would do
or anything

so when I read this
article it gave a
brand new ring

to home based business
and just what kind of
things it could bring:

My Own Business
by guest blogger Doris Dillon

Owning my own business was something I always dreamed of doing but I would have laughed you out the door if you had told me it would be cheesemaking! When I bought this farm a few years back I honestly thought it would be a little side project and something I spent time doing when I wanted to but it has turned into a full time gig. When the goats showed up I learned everything I could on my SatelliteStarInternet.com internet and realized cheese making wasn’t that hard, afterall! We have several varieties of goat cheese and they’ve started being distributed all over the region so things are really looking up at my little frommagerie. I can’t believe my daily life involves milking goats but hey, whatever works, right? I get to make my own hours and be my own boss which is all I ever wanted out of my work life, anyway, so I’m as happy as a little goat cheese eating clam! I love my new life!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

under attack

it seems satan attacks
again and again

and I often wonder
if it will ever end

life has been so hard
and gets harder still

and I can only pray
that we will fill

our duty and His plan
and hope that one day

we rise victorious
and perhaps even understand