Monday, July 28, 2008

hot tea on a summer afternoon

I thought it might not be good
having hot tea in summer-
but I was wrong-
it certainly was not a bummer

A friend in town
just from Scotland returned
is now hooked on afternoon
tea time and now home she yearned

to continue the tradition
she fell in love with
and needed someone who would
join her and Mrs. Smith

in serving up hot tea-
though it's nearly 100 outside
we laughed and we drank
and we snacked with great Texas pride!

Hire A Car

are you looking for
a car to hire ?
are tired of spending time
talking over the wire?

if you need a car
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try hiring a car
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it's fast and it's easy,
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there are locations worldwide
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

obligatory post

another obligatory post
on this blog that I host

sometimes it gets rather old
when I don't know what should be told

but when I thought of dropping this one
I saw that it was easier said than done

It can be done, so I read
but it can be a real pain in the head

there is lots to do to erase it clean
or else some spammer will turn it to a spamming machine

and get the benefit of all the work I'd done
to try to regularly keep up with this one

so you'll just have to excuse the mundane
rhymes that you'll find here again and again

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

finishing my book

I am trying to finish my book
but every time I think that it looks

like I will, I just can't get it done
maybe today will be the one

day I have time to sit and read
and then hopefully will succeed

in reaching the end of the novel
and though it's far from drivel

it has not been much fun for
me; I feel like it's a chore

but when it's all said and done
I know that I'll be glad to have read this one

and then I'll know what a hero was seen
in the character of Jean Valjean

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Disclosure Policy

well, wouldn't you know it
this blog too
has had no disclosure
it's whole life through

I think it's only right
I think it's only fair
to let you know that some of these posts
are paid for by a sponsor

that's right, I get paid to blog
and sometimes I do so here
but even when I am compensated
It won't only be a cheer

I'll only say what I believe
about the product, service or site
If possible I'll include what I don't
care for, or at least won't write

what I don't believe to be
some of the best it has to offer
so I'll stick to what I think
even when adding to my online coffer

there are some ads I just won't take
but there are many that I do
and so I just wanted to be sure
that before you read more, I had told you.

Friday, July 4, 2008

the new campground

the new camp ground
was better than we thought
it could be

there was a large kitchen
and air conditioning
and lots of large oak trees

there were lakes and
canoes and even the pool
was on site

which makes every thing
more fun, more easy
and seemed just right

the gym was made in the
shape of a dome, to all
the kids' delight

and had room to run and
play and even a place
for some to spend the night

I would be glad if we
could go there again

I know that it will be perfect
if this is the camp
at which we'll stay