Thursday, January 29, 2009

planning a trip

planning a trip
is harder than I thought

particularly with the
amount of money that we've got

trying to plan just
what to see and do

to please me and
you and you and you

trying to make the
most with our time

and planning how
to spend each dime

sightseeing and
sporting event too

will be enough to
spend our time through

then we'll hurry back home
to catch up on our rest

before we have to get back
to routine and daily quest

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a new admin

what do we face as we look ahead
lots to hope for or lots to dread

many are over come with emotion today
we look back and see history brought in to play

there is much to say, to feel, to hope
I pray that this president will learn to cope

with his new position in a God fearing way
and that our nation will not misstep or sway

down a path that we don't truly want to go
and that we the people will truly begin to know

that we must speak out for what is true
under the colors red, white, and blue

Thursday, January 15, 2009

let's eat

i'm hungry
but it's not time to eat

I don't want to snack
too much and my appetite defeat

we are going out
tonight, I just don't know where

but I'd like to go
somewhere we can all get something to share

let's order up a lot
and set it out in the middle

for us all to take
a bit and get to try a little

some of this and some
of that makes it more fun

instead of just
ordering and eating the same one

it's fun to do that
from time to time I think

though my daughter
doesn't like the idea; to her it stinks

so where will we go
and what will we eat

I don't know but I'm sure
my appetite I'll meet

Saturday, January 10, 2009


some think it is fantastic
others-like me-say it oft in vain
don't know if you think "comcastic"
is great, or some kind of evil bane
it has been so frustrating for us
we have been beating our brain
as to why we continue to stay
instead of jump off this train

Friday, January 2, 2009

half marathon

it's come and gone
my latest feat

at the new year's dawn
I did compete

in a little run
through a park

actually half a marathon
don't know if it's a lark

or something I will
like to try again

let me rest a bit
some strength regain

to try another
I'll later decide

or just be content
to let this one ride