Monday, November 26, 2007

my new obsession

chai tea latte
you have become
my new favorite

I can't forget
how you tasted so nice
that very first

That led me to your
scent has only served
to prove that by you I am

I can't forget your smell,
your taste, your effect-
call it want you want-

wicked funny tee shirts

If you are looking
For the perfect gift
For the hard to buy for

Look no farther
For here is a gift
That will leave them asking for more

These wicked funny tees
Are the answer, and you just
Can’t find them in a store

But if you want to make them
Laugh with glee-you know
That it won’t be a giggle, but a roar

When they open the package
And find to their delight
A shirt that no one can ignore

It’s novel, it’s new, it’s all the rage
It says just what this guy would say
If he were projecting that feel for noir

So go ahead and get a few
You can even submit an idea
And if it’s one that they adore

It could be the next
wicked funny tee shirt
On their showroom floor

Friday, November 23, 2007

a day off

a day off, oh what would I do?
I think I would stay in bed
and read a book or two.

if given the chance I think I would lay
around on the beach, the sofa, the floor
just given the chance in one place to stay

if I could do anything I want
I think that I'd have a list
of things-I would not know where to start

so never mind, I guess I can't afford
to take a day off-
I will have to do with this short word

Friday, November 16, 2007


I am always embarrassed
when I say or do something dumb
even if it isn't wrong
I still feel like a sore thumb

I can feel the heat
and my face turning red
I wish right then
I could take back what I'd said

I sometime stick my foot
right in the center of my mouth
and then I wish that I could
run and hide away down south

So I am sorry if I appear
to be a ninny or a fool
just please don't blame it
on the fact that we homeschool

Friday, November 9, 2007

if the sun were one yard wide

If the sun were only
one yard wide
Can you imagine where you could
land with just one stride?

Mercury would be but a dot
Venus and Earth, close in size,
and Mars just a little further
can you even surmise

Just how big and how far
the outer planets would be?
Jupiter, the biggest of all
would stand at 4 inches, see.

Next is Saturn, just a bit
smaller. The distance is amazing
though I do have to say.
Traveling through this universe would be less dazing.

As Uranus and Neptune, still
quite a ways away,
Would allow you to hop over to Pluto-
if you will permit it a planet to stay.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


New month has begun
Right before our eyes
One with happiness
Eating, laughter,
Vigor and fun
By the time we rise
Each new fall day
Mother Nature and Father Time
Makes a new memory
Easing into our heart
Burning like a ray
Vivid and true
Every fresh thing
Opens our eyes
Reviving our spirit
Newness is just beyond the view