Saturday, October 27, 2007

Field Trip to the Ren Fest

just the other day
we took time away
from our busy way
and stopped just to play

but it was so much more-
it was walking through a door
back into the times of lore
and learning we could not ignore

we saw the days of knights
who fought with all their might
we beheld the many sights
of the age of darkened light

we met the king, the knight, the jester
and William Shakespeare we couldn't help but pester
our wondering minds could never fester
and those days we hope to sequester

even if just in our dreams
we will never forget the themes,
or how the spear and sword gleams
and everything was as it seems

Saturday, October 20, 2007

letting go

letting go
don't you know
it still hurts me so
my feelings I try not to show
so each day my feelings I stow
I hope that this is good, even though
I am afraid-what will we reap? what did we sow?
and pray that through all this you will only grow
and learn to rise above the mediocre and the status quo
each day my head says yes but each beat my heart still says no.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Where Have You Gone?

Can you stand still
long enough
for me to fill
my ears

With what you've
been up to?
I'd like to groove
right by your side

Long enough to know
just what it is
That you now show
as your new love.

What are you doing
each and every
day; each moment I am stewing
While you are away

I cannot seem to get inside
your mind or life-
just for a moment, not to reside
or overwhelm.

Can you just give me
a little time
each day to help me see
just where you've gone...

Friday, October 5, 2007

running short on blogging time

blogging is still
a favorite pasttime
of mine

Although it seems
these days, I rarely
have the time.

I check in quite often
only to find that I've
got to do

Another post
and also an ad
or two

I like to read
my friends' blogs when
I get the chance

But lately it only seems
I am flying by
the seat of my pants

So if I haven't been
around your place

I'll make my way back
soon I hope to catch up on
what I've missed greatly

I know the blog world
still goes on
I just feel behind

But I will be around
when I can, to that
I am resigned