Friday, July 27, 2012

alpha male

didn't know we still
dealt with the
syndrome now

of one male
one upping the
other somehow

when done in fun
it's a joy
to see

when done in anger
it brings only
sadness to me

Friday, July 13, 2012


stroke after stroke kick by kick through the water staying stoked then it's off for a quick change or two out on the bike joining the fray another quick stop to transition yet again strap on your shoes hit the pavement nonstop all this back to back to back is what it means to tri tons of fun and challenge then home to hit the sack

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

comfy sheep

Have you determined to sleep
in the comfort and coziness of sheep?

If you are in the mood
to cover your floor of wood

Or on a drive stay warm and cozy
Whether business or a Sunday mosey

You can find comfy sheepskin
to make the most of what you live in

There are rugs to warm your floors
and change mats for changing baby's drawers

There are shoes, slippers and moccasins too
to keep your feet warm the whole day through

I found home decor; things for office as well
items to keep you comfy and feeling swell

There are exercise accessories and piles
for pets to sleep and travel in comfort and style

Some of my favorites would be the auto accessories-
steering wheel, sheepskin seat covers and the seat belt cover, please

I had not realized there were so many sheepskin products
some quite affordable, others a few more bucks

But I can tell that these items would make life comfy and grand
I just may add a few to a gift list that I had planned!